Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin is the Most Powerful Bank


The author of 32 million copies bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki recently passed a statement leading to a Bitcoin’s David and Goliath-like battle with the Fed.

According to a review with Bloomberg on 22nd of Oct Kisoyaki whose book has reportedly sold 32 million copies in across 40 countries has a network of about $80 million passed his recent remark in an interview.

In spite of Kisoyaki’s book is the most well-known personal finance book ever written still Kisoyaki is being mired into several scandals, most notably for his financial education firm’s bankruptcy bank in the year 2012.

While continuing in the interview Kisoyaki showed a storing belief in investing in assets such as gold, oil and real state when he was asked for his perspective over the new asset classes.

“I think it’s so interesting. they’re taking on the FED, one of the most powerful banks ever created. And they’re messing into their territory. That’s like me taking on McDonald’s. So I think they’re gonna step on them. I think it’s a very exciting time.”

The interviewer asked Kiyosaki’s about his personal views and investment in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. To this Kisoyaki added:

“Personally, I’m a technosaurus rex. I can barely use a cellphone. So I’d best stay out of cryptocurrencies. So if you’re a young person and you like crypto, it might be your place. Again, everything is ‘just do what you love.’ I love businesses, I love gold, I love using debt as money — because in 1971 the dollar became debt — and I love paying no taxes legally.”

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