Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin is Winning the Battle Against U.S Dollar

From the last two-three months, situations and market positions are at a crucial stage. Deaths in Europe by coronavirus are shocking to everyone in the world.

Europe is facing a very bad spread of COVID-19. It puts the world economy and money markets at risk. Market conditions are unprecedented. Investors are looking for safe and secure options. Gold seems a safe solution for investment in current situations.

A valuable yellow metal Gold may be the first choice of investors as long time investment and as covered in bad conditions. The gold price is increasing.

The last few weeks have been hard for the crypto market. In March Bitcoin fell to a low of $3800. But currently, investors are replacing Dollar with Bitcoin and other hard money.

Robert Kiyosaki, a well-known Author of Financial Book ” Rich Dad Poor Dad ” says, the fact is no reason to worry. Digital currencies are available to clients for Business and payments.

Choose Bitcoin

Kiyosaki recently tweeted and explained that ” counterfeiting, trillions of fake dollars – $82 billion a month to $125 billion a day” at 0% interest rate.

It shows that people need a safe solution as a long term asset and the best choice may be Gold or Bitcoin, both are undestroyed and safe.

God’s Money Gold ” is a Good Asset.

Bitcoin the money of People is another good option for investors.

Dollar’s devaluation is constantly going on and currently, it is debased. “Dollar is on a Ventilator ” Prices of Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin jumping up.

Adding with previous tweet he said,

” DEATH OF DOLLAR. People desperate for money. Very sad. If the government gives you free money, take it yet spend it wisely. DO NOT SAVE. Buy gold, silver, Bitcoin. The dollar is dying. Silver $20. Best Buy for future security. Everyone can afford $20, especially with free fake money.”

Rapid Growth

The current climate is very healthy to buy Bitcoin. In these extreme conditions and predictions related to the market situation ahead – Cryptocurrency is in big demand. Clint’s are excited to buy Bitcoin and the crash jumped to 67%.

Black Thursday”- crypto exchanges

Saw a fabulous surge for buying Bitcoin.

A leading exchange Coinbase reported that ” But beyond just a rush, two things are clear: customers of our retail brokerage were buyers during the drop, and Bitcoin was the clear favorite. Our customers typically buy 60% more than they sell but during the crash this jumped to 67%, taking advantage of market troughs and representing strong demand for crypto assets even during extreme volatility.”

 A 300% increase in verifications and 83% increase in sign up recorded, recent tweet by U.S.based Kraken corroborated this narrative .

New’s BTC and Coinmetric reported the value of US dollar Stablecoin (USDT, Binance USD, USD Coin, etc.) is on an extreme limit of passing $ 8 million – a metric up by 20% in the past months itself.

” CM has added Huobi dollars (HUSD) and Binance dollars (BUSD) to their community data. Stablecoin supply in the sample is just shy of $8b collectively. My guess is it passes that threshold tomorrow.

Su Zhu, CEO of Three Arrows Capital, explained in 2019 why this is bullish, he wrote so much money sitting on the sidelines, especially in Stablecoins BTC could appreciate rapidly rise, “There’s an estimated $2B in cash sitting at crypto funds/holdcos. There’s another $2B+ sitting in stablecoins, and another $2B sitting at exchanges/silvergate/signature. This is $6B fiat already onboarded to crypto to buy your bags. Imagine thinking we need new money to hit $10k.”

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