Robert Kiyosaki says young people want blockchain


The author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” explains his point of view on Bitcoin that why he thinks that it is revolution more than gunpowder.

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the popular book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Indeed Kiyosaki rewrote the book and grabbed huge popularity globally for his recreation to help & educate the world population about investment strategies. The financial author believes Bitcoin, Gold & Real estate are better investment options. 

On 14 September, Kitco news published a video in which Kiyosaki explained the point of the Bitcoin revolution from The Capitalist Manifesto. 

In the interview with Kitco news, Kiyosaki said that he believes that nothing can be better than Bitcoin. The whole discussion was part of his statement on Bitcoin where he considered Bitcoin more than Gunpowder. 

Kiyosaki said that the majority of the young population wants blockchain technology and here it is happening because we need an auditor.

“The young people who are coming up today, want blockchain because we need an auditor. (…) Say I’m playing against you (in the Cashflow Board Game), and you make a move. I have to audit your statement – that’s what blockchain does.”

Kiyosaki waiting for Bitcoin to hit $1.1k 

In June of this year, Robert Kiyosaki took to Twitter to suggest that Bitcoin investors remain ready for Bitcoin to test the $1100 price.

He said that if Bitcoin will hit $1,100 then he will buy. Otherwise, he will wait because profit comes when we buy, not when we sell. 

Kiyosaki always remains ready to go with legendary assets to invest money and Bitcoin is one of the best assets in his list. Once in the past, he said that Bitcoin may be killed by the government if it becomes more successful than the government bond. 

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