Robinhood crypto platform may add Shib Inu coin

Robinhood platform is asking their users that which coin they bought in the past month and in that list Shiba Inu coin included.

Recently,, a Robinhood rival, added Shiba Inu coin to their platform so many people claimed that Robinhood crypto exchange will also consider adding Shiba Inu. But in a recent interview, Robinhood CEO indicated that he is not interested in Shiba Inu coin listing & he wants users safety first. 

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But, now reportedly Robinhood exchange offered a survey for their users that which coin they bought in the last three months. 

The Survey screenshot shared by Twitter handle @shibainunews and claimed that the Robinhood platform is researching whether their customers want to see Shiba Inu coins on the Robinhood platform or not. 

The survey by the Robinhood platform was sent through email to their users which includes all flagship crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum Cardano.

The community of Shib Inu coin believes that Robinhood-like crypto platforms will list Shiba Inu coins and that will surely push Shiba Inu to $0.01 easily.

Coinbase on Shiba Inu 

Coinbase exchange listed Shiba Inu coins already a few months ago. It is worth noting that Coinbase follows many step by step procedures to add crypto assets and found that Shiba Inu is a genuine project, probably because of better community support. 

But still, why did  Robinhood CEO tried to indicate indirectly that the Shiba Inu coin is not a secure option for their users, according to the last interview with CNBC.

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