Robinhood may re-list the XRP coin 


As per rumors, the Robinhood Crypto exchange is planning to list XRP coins again.

Robinhood is a stock & crypto trade platform. This is a publicly-traded company and initially was developed for stock trading services but later the company expanded services to the crypto sector & grabbed huge profits. After Coinbase, Robinhood is the top choice among US crypto investors.

As we know that a month ago, the court judge ruled that the XRP coin was not a security and with that court ruling, the Ripple labs secured partial victory in the case. Following the court ruling, top American crypto exchange Coinbase re-listed XRP coin after 2.5 years.

Recently many people said that the Robinhood exchange is planning to re-list the XRP coin, as the current legal status favors the nature of the XRP coin. 

A few popular tweets claimed that insiders confirmed that Robinhood will re-list the XRP coin before the end of this year. 

However, no official information came from the Robinhood exchange but some people claimed that Robinhood has full legal authority to offer Securities trading. So Robinhood can list XRP in the securities market just like stock assets. However, it is only a speculation but we can’t deny the fact. 

Few XRP coin lovers said that if rumors turn into reality then the XRP coin will follow a big rally pattern but here we should not forget that Robinhood always remains selective to list new tokens on the platform.

It is worth it to note that over the past few years, it has been found that Robinhood executives supported the existing traditional financial rules & regulations to run the crypto business. To comply with the rules, they listed only particular numbers of crypto assets on the exchange.

Just a couple of months ago, following the SEC’s suit against BinanceUS & Coinbase exchange, Robinhood delisted a dozen of crypto assets, which were mentioned as unregistered security in the suits. 

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