Ryan Wyatt of YouTube will enter in crypto industry

The YouTube head decided to resign from YouTube and now he will work as Chief executive officer at Polygon Studios. 

The Crypto and blockchain industry is under huge growth and adoption because of huge numbers of use cases in real life to bring better resources to this world with. Even big celebrities are supporting this industry by accepting salaries in Bitcoin. These things are showing that the crypto industry has huge opportunities because it is still in the very beginning phase. 

On 25 January, the head of gaming at YouTube, Ryan Wyatt, announced that he planned to leave his position from YouTube gaming head and now he will work in the blockchain and Web3 development work of Polygon network’ Polygon Studios. 

“I will be focusing on growing the developer ecosystem through investment, marketing, and developer support and bridging the gap between Web 2.0 and 3.0. I’ll be leading the Polygon Studios organization across gaming, entertainment, fashion, news, sports, and more.”

As per available details, he will join Polygon studios team in February of this year.

Polygon studios is a gaming and non-fungible tokens inclined arm of Polygon blockchain. In July 2021, the Polygon team announced that they will manage the use of $100 million in the Polygon studios to do the development works in the web3, NFTs transitions. 

On this occasion, Polygon Studios shared its team happiness by giving a welcome gift message on Twitter. 

At present, the Polygon network team is working its best. In the last year, not only the price of its native token surged by many fold but also many crypto platforms integrated the Polygon network to give efficient solutions to their users on the Ethereum network. These things are showing that Polygon is doing its best for the Ethereum blockchain network as the best Layer2 scaling solution provider.

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