Salvadoreans are selling US Dollars to buy Bitcoin

The situation of bitcoin adoption in El Salvador is at a tremendous level, where people are supporting Bitcoin over the United States dollar. 

Many times, the Bitcoin law of El Salvador was criticized by the big billionaires and also many Central banks of the world. And also to pass the bitcoin law, many criticisms were faced by the president of El Salvador but still the Government of El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender. In the latest Bank of Spain released their statement on “crypto as a legal tender for example El Salvador”.

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The current situation of El Salvador is totally opposite. Earlier a few groups of people taken to the streets of El Salvador and burned Bitcoin ATM machines but now people are waiting to cash out their money with the Bitcoin ATM machines.

According to Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, around 24,076 remittances have been facilitated by the Chivo wallet and it added around $3,069,761 in one day. 

The adoption of Bitcoin is Increasing more rapidly after the bull run of bitcoin. At the current time price of bitcoin is $61,590 ( at the time of writing this article). 

The tweet of Nayib Bukele trolled those media news which are criticizing bitcoin law. And urged the media to cover this news independently at any Chivo ATM. 

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After the increase in the price of Bitcoin, Nayib Bukele took the class of almost every critic. 

Today, Nayib Bukele quoted the Tweet of Steve hanke, who criticized Nayib Bukele over buying 150 BTC in dip. 

Nayib Bukele wrote “You were saying”

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