SEC plans to approve Ethereum Futures ETFs


Reportedly the American securities regulatory body is planning to give a green signal to the Ethereum futures ETFs.

The United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is the top financial regulatory body. In the past, since Q4 2021, this independent government regulatory body approved several Bitcoin futures ETF products but rejected every Bitcoin spot ETFs applications, despite the riskier nature of Bitcoin futures ETFs over spot ETFs.

The latest media reports confirmed that the SEC agency is in the mood to give regulatory approval to other Crypto futures ETFs. 

Bloomberg reported that some people related to this matter informed that there are very less chances for the Ethereum futures ETFs rejection and also the SEC agency is preparing to release regulatory approval to such applications.

The report failed to provide more deep information on this matter but experts believe that approval for the first Ethereum futures ETF application will come sometime in October of this year.

Now it will be interesting to see which company will secure the regulatory win in the race of Ethereum futures ETF products. At present, nearly 20 Ethereum futures ETF applications are on the table of the SEC’s agency. The top names behind these applications are Volatility Shares, Bitwise, Roundhill, and ProShares.

Bitcoin spot ETFs

Just two months ago,  the whole Crypto industry was full of excitement because of the Bitcoin spot ETF application by the giant fund manager firm BlackRock

In the last two months of the time frame, nearly 9 spot Bitcoin ETFs applications have been filed by the different fund manager companies. 

As per reports, the US SEC will review 6 out of these applications and further will decide whether to give regulatory approval or not. 

Recently former SEC official John Reed Stark shared his personal opinion and said that there are very few chances for these applications to get approval.

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