Send Bitcoin on Twitter using Lightning Network through Tippin

Bitcoin lightning on twitter

Now you can send Bitcoin tips on Twitter by using Lightning Network instantly with a negligible fee.

Twitter users have a new facility on Twitter in which they can receive tips in Satoshis from their followers after sign up with

twitter ceo tweet on tippin

These new features were added when Twitter CEO announced to support Bitcoin Lightning Network when he received Lightning Torch which is an Experiment created for the adoption of Lightning Network.

Tippin is a browser extension on Chrome and Firefox through which Tippin button is added to every single tweet by which anyone can send you tip in Satoshis through Lightning Network instantly with approx zero fees.

Tippin is the nice application build for receiving Tips on Lightning Network. Tippin has the possibility to be added on the other social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram in future. 

If you are a Twitter user then you can sign up for through your Twitter account. You need to just visit and sign up with your account. You can also add Tippin Extension to your browser chrome or Firefox. 

For more visit the following link where you will read full guide about Tippin and Lightning.

Bitcoin Lightning Network is Solution

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