Shark tank star Mark Cuban reveals his new crypto project Investment

Shark Tank Celebrity is holding Ethereum network-based NFTs tokens and cross-chain protocols-based crypto assets. 

Mark Cuban is a celebrity and also a businessman. He is doing high-level business but besides all the non-crypto businesses, he is showing huge interest in the crypto industry. He is a popular supporter of Bitcoin and the whole crypto industry because he thinks that proper research and better projects Investment are the best opportunities. Once, he admitted that he is researching on his own to invest in crypto assets.

ETH search engine EtherScan data showed that Shark tank star holding Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), cross-chain smart contract protocol Rarible (RARI), the governance token of the Olympus DAO (gOHM), and music streaming blockchain Audius (AUDIO).

Mark Cuban provided some fraction of his crypto portfolio publicly, so there are many crypto assets and projects, in which Mark Cuban has invested, which are not available publicly. To show off NFTs collections, he shared on the crypto collectible platform Lazy. 

NFTs collectibles by the Shark tank star include NFTs items backed on the Solana, Ethereum, and also at Matic blockchain networks.

In a recent interview, Cuban said that 80% of his recent non-shark tank Investment was made into crypto only. And the main reason behind this investment by him is because he believes that the next generation will adopt this industry more and more because of its unique business model. 

“The investments I’m making now are not in traditional businesses, 80% of the investments I make not in Shark Tank are in and around cryptocurrencies.”

Cuban also clearly said that he is not doing speculation on the crypto assets but he believes that adoption of this industry will increase and also a huge legal and precise framework will come, where people will be able to use cryptocurrencies in payment systems. 

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