Shark Tank star O’Leary says mega opportunity for Bitcoin could start


Kevin O’Leary talked about the possibility for Bitcoin to show a significant pump because of the new policies & institutional funds inflow. 

Kevin O’Leary is a 68 years old Billionaire businessman. His nickname is “Mr. Wonderful” as a Canadian businessman, entrepreneur, author, political candidate, and television presenter. Because of the popularity of Kevin in the shark tank, he is also known as a Shark Tank star. Earlier, Kevin was not a fan of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology but later he became a crypto fan. He keeps studying & analyzing to figure out the best crypto project & best time to invest money.

Last week, Kevin appeared in an interview with Crypto Jebb. Through the interview, he confirmed that he is continuously allocating funds in Bitcoin because Bitcoin is near to reaching a level where it will be considered a sovereign fund. 

Kevin said:

“I continue to allocate to Bitcoin is when we get policy and institutions can allocate to it – sovereign wealth and pension institutions – they’ll probably put 50 basis points, which is half one percent, up to one percent into Bitcoin.”

Shark Tank star also said that the majority of the big institutions are planning to get into the crypto Industry and they are looking at only Bitcoin as a priority for investing funds but they are not able to buy Bitcoin because of compliance issues. 

According to Kevin, if better & clear regulatory policies will come for Bitcoin & stablecoins then surely it will result in huge funds inflow in the crypto market. 

Kevin further added:

“In terms of price appreciation, I believe it will be dramatic. You could have a gap up (of) 10%, 15%, 20%, (or) 25% overnight because you’ve opened up trillions of dollars worth of access to a new asset class. That doesn’t happen too often.”

This Shark Tank celebrity believes that it will happen within the next 12 months. So indirectly, Kevin hints that Bitcoin may start to show a significant pump by mid of 2023 and here we should accumulate Bitcoin.

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