Shopify to allow merchants to buy sell NFTs


Shopify hinted that it will not stop the growth of its services limited to the adoption of blockchain technology, by exploring the concept of NFTs.

At present, there are several platforms, which are engaged in crypto-related services besides their popular non-crypto services. However all the services are engaged in to make Money but besides all these things, most of them are using the new tech innovations to bring a bulk user base to their platform to grab interaction for their existing services with the name of innovations and adoption of new services.

Shopify is a popular e-commerce and payment network platform and this platform is popularly known for its both services at an advanced level with the integration of innovations without hesitation. 

Shopify added Nonfungible tokens ( NFTs) support to allow the users to buy, sell and trade. However, this experiment of Shopify is still in the beta phase but still, it is getting better response even in this initial stage. 

To bring the NFTs to buy, sell and trade services on the Shopify platform, the Company collaborated with the GigLabs NFT. 

GigLabs NFT is a company, which provides tools to bring NFTs to buy and sell services on the Flow blockchain network. 

According to the announcement page of Shopify, users can mint the NFTs in multiple flagship assets like Ethereum, Polygon, Near, and Flow. 

It is worth noting that, the current initiative of Shopify in NFTs is limited to those US merchants which are on Shopify plus merchants membership. And the merchants, who want to use the services of GigLabs NFT, can ask for the same directly from the GigLabs NFT team. 

Robleh Jama, Product Director at Shopify, said that NFTs initiative of Shopify is a commitment to allow the Shopify merchants to sell their products for direct digital assets. He added:

“Our growing NFT app ecosystem demonstrates our commitment to offering merchants an accessible approach to selling digital assets directly through their Shopify stores.”

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