Single validator created an invalid block in Solana causes network outage: CyberCapital


The founder of CyberCapital pointed out many hidden negative things going behind the Solana blockchain Network, which is not the usual case among the other leading blockchain networks. 

On 3 October, Justin Bons, founder & CIO of crypto researcher platform CyberCapital, took to Twitter to share deep research on the Solana blockchain.

Justin shared huge numbers of negative things behind the Solana blockchain technology but in particular, he started to criticize Solana blockchain with network outage issues, which is a very common thing for Solana blockchain alone from late 2021 to 2022.

CyberCapital founder said that the main cause behind the latest Solana network outage was the creation of invalid blocks by single validators, which further caused validators to become stuck on the wrong chain & unable to switch back. Halting the entire chain!

Further Justin noted that such kind of network outage is not a common thing in any of the other blockchain networks like Bitcoin & Ethereum. And also claimed that the Solana team was trying to hide their mistakes through a unique statement that they restarted the network but they reseted the whole network under a centralized method. 

Justin also talked about fake Sol TVL. According to crypto researcher around 2-3 devs pretend to be more than 10 Devs and they count the same TVL over and over again and again.

Justin stated that the Sol team said there was a circulating supply of 8.2M SOL in April 2020 but there was actually over 20M SOL and also he referred to a third party that found an unlocked SOL wallet that had more than 13 million coins. 

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