Solana Co-founder hints potential of Solana Network with its limited numbers of developers

The founder of Solana protocol explained what makes the Solana protocol valuable in this crypto Industry against giant smart contract blockchain Networks.

Solana is a 9th ranked crypto asset in this crypto industry by 24 hours trade volume. Solana protocol is popular for its Proof-of-history based concept which allows the Solana blockchain to facilitate 50,000 TPS scalability-based transactions at very nominal costs.

On 10 March, Solana Co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko appeared in an interview with Circle co-founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire. Anatoly explained how Solana is not only creating a big competition but also in the future it will be a game-changer. 

Anatoly said that increasing numbers of users in the Solana ecosystem is creating a big competition against all Smart Contract blockchain, for example, Ethereum & Polygon networks. 

“(Solana has ) about two million monthly active users, and we’re seeing daily active users sometimes break what Polygon and Ethereum are seeing, like 300,000 or so daily active signers.”

Solana co-founder said that it is a very important thing for him because this is real human activity in the Solana Network because  increasing the number of users in the Solana ecosystem makes Solana valuable.

Anatoly also said that the main aim of the Solana project is focused to bring huge developers and entrepreneurs with Solana so that they can launch their project/services with the Solana blockchain Network. And in this way, Solana will have 100 million users in the future.

“The thing we are actively trying to enable is (allowing) all these new entrepreneurs to launch their projects, launch their products.”

Further, Anatoly indirectly responded to the raised questions on the potential of the developer team. He said that Solana is working with fewer developers at this competition level, so we can expect very well about the future of Solana with a 1,000 active developers team. 

Further added: 

“you get to a point where there are thousands of devs building something, then the 100 million users are just around the corner.”

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