Solana Foundation’s Validator Removal Sparks Outrage: Claims of Decentralization Under Fire


Solana is a popular Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto network. In 2024, the Solana blockchain network witnessed an influx of a large number of meme tokens. Every day, hundreds of tokens are launched by crypto enthusiasts. In 2021, Solana gained significant popularity due to NFT projects launched within the Solana ecosystem. 

The Solana Foundation has removed some validators, undermining claims of being permissionless and decentralised. Critics argue that their assertions, like “Solana solved MEV,” are deceptive, labelling them as liars and grifters.

Crypto enthusiasts slammed the Solana Foundation. He said that Solana supports most of its 2,000 validators, who need to complete KYC and often can’t afford the $65K annual operating costs without this support. This practice creates an illusion of decentralisation. While Solana’s centralised structure benefits consumers by providing a scalable platform, the marketing claims are misleading and approach scam territory.

Considering this latest development surrounding the Solana blockchain, many crypto enthusiasts have criticised the Solana Foundation for misleading about the true nature of the Solana crypto network.

According to these individuals, Solana is a highly centralised blockchain network, and this is the reason why it achieves better scalability over other crypto blockchain networks.

In the past, one of the Solana co-founders made a comment stating that they were focused on increasing scalability rather than decentralization of the network.

Solana (Sol) price action 

The current trade price of Solana (Sol) coin is $162.4 & this trade price is 11% high over 30 days of time period.

Two sudden downturns in the trading price graph of this cryptocurrency over 6 hours show that the latest news played a vital role in creating a significant level of panic among Solana coin investors.

Solana Foundation's Validator Removal Sparks Outrage: Claims of Decentralization Under Fire 1

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