Solana Network’ TPS Drops Significantly, RayDium explained

This time again Solana network faced an issue, however, this time Solana is live but has issues of low scalability. 

Solana is a most popular crypto project and is popularly known for its high-level ability to facilitate high-scale transactions with the use of Proof-of-history consensus. However, this crypto project does not talk much about decentralization but emphasizes the need for Scalability and high-speed transactions with efficiency. 

RayDium Protocol figured out a recent issue on the Solana network. The official Twitter account noted an issue on the Solana network. 

According to RayDium, they tried to launch a permissionless pool on the Solana blockchain network but they didn’t get success at that level, where they expected. And the whole reason was embedded with the bot spams transactions and that is making Solana less efficient in terms of Scalability.

So RayDium Protocol believes that it is all about the spamming on the Solana blockchain network, that is why they are failing to launch the pool on Solana.

Here Solana is online and working very well but due to low transactions per second, it is facing problems in executing other significant transactions in the network. Below the thread of RayDium, many Twitter users claimed that they are getting huge problems with the transactions on the Solana network, usually transactions taking huge time to proceed, and one user claimed that his transactions are pending for many hours. 

Solana’ feature is an issue for the Solana network

As we know, the Solana crypto project aimed to bring efficiency into blockchain transactions. And also the network can facilitate more than 50,000 transactions per second.

Due to the very small amount of fees, few people are negatively using the Solana Network’ low fees to bring Solana out of the competition under a general crypto blockchain network category. However, the Solana team may increase the fees of the transactions, to stop spamming but surely Solana is taking these things as a challenge. 

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