Solana Opens first real-world store in NewYork


Solana Labs & its partners collaboratively established a physical store in New York.

Solana is a big Proof-of-stake blockchain Network, which provides high scalability-based crypto transactions, thanks to its Proof-of-history protocol. In the past 5-6 months, Solana network faced outages around half a dozen times and also faced criticism for the same but still, its project team is continuously fighting against the bugs through best development works & new project works to push the adoption of Solana blockchain at practical levels. 

On 28 July, the Solana team announced the official launching of its first offline physical store at 20 Hudson Yards in New York City.

The launch of this physical store by the Solana team is a part of the collaborative initiative of Solana Labs & its more than 6 partners, which helps the expansion of the Solana ecosystem through their corresponding works.

The main initiative of this Solana offline store is to aware & educate people about crypto & Blockchain technology. Visitors will be able to receive “unique rewards” for participating in physical store activities. 

According to the Solana team, it is the first ever unique offline store by any crypto project, which will help to educate people about Web3 & Solana blockchain.

Saga mobile

In late June 2022, Solana labs announced the pre-launch of its Solana mobile (Saga). The team said that it will distribute flagship mobile phones among the world population, which will be dedicated to educating people to handle their crypto funds in non-custodial wallets. 

So this offline store may play an important role for the Solana team to distribute its mobile smartphones. Few news reports claimed that the Solana team is not gonna stop here and may launch huge numbers of crypto-dedicated physical items like hardware wallets or other types of new innovative gadgets, which will be helpful for the Solana crypto users. 

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