Solana showing the most consistent developer activity of any layer-1: Here is something unique

The past few weeks of Solana-based activities showed that Solana is moving toward a better scale of use purpose in transactions and adoption. 

Solana is an 8th ranked crypto asset in the crypto industry by 24 hours market cap trading volume. In the present time, Solana is standing uniquely as a layer-1 blockchain Network, which has the highest scalability based low-cost payment transactions in Sol tokens easily person2person. 

In the past few months, Solana Network faced outage because of some spam bot attacks and also because of the birth of some hidden bugs in the network, but still besides all these things network-based activities by the developer showed that Solana is under better traction among the blockchain developers. 

According to the data of CryptoMiso, Solana had 800 GitHub commits from December, coming from over 100 contributors. While Internet Computer, its closest rival clocked in at 731 commits from 72 contributors.

Solana showing the most consistent developer activity of any layer-1: Here is something unique 1
Source: CryptoMiso

Due to the presence of the Proof-of-history concept in the Solana Network, Solana saw better and more consistent activities of development. In the full life cycle, Solana completed around 4,300 GitHub commits.

In the whole crypto & blockchain industry, it was only the Solana Layer1 blockchain network that crossed Trust Wallet Token (TWT), a layer 2 protocol. 

If we look at the increment in the numbers of users in the Solana blockchain Network then it has surged by around 20× with unique numbers of users in the last year. 

However Solana is getting better developer supports in this early stages and also getting appreciation from high-level experts, for example, analyst Alkesh Shah from Bank of America give a tag to Solana as the next visa of crypto, but besides all these things some security question has been raised by some experts, who noted that Solana is much risky than 51% attack on Proof-of-work based Blockchain networks. 

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