Sunny Leone will release Her Own NFT Collection

An Indian actress is ready to dive into the NFTs based crypto space and soon she will release the NFTs based hand made animated digital artworks.

Sunny Leone ( Karenjeet kaur) became the first ever Indian cinema actress to enter in the crypto space with the NFTs based concept. 

Sunny Leone stated on this and said that she is aware about the crypto and NFTs future and she is happy that she will bring into the Indian community. 

Further she added that her NFTs can be bought easily and also their fans will be able to resell in the same way. 

“NFT that my fans can own and even resell. What I care about most is that we are making the first NFT collection from a Bollywood star and that is exactly why we are going so far to make every piece of art completely original and unique for each person who buys an NFT”

About the release, Sunny added that right now the team is working with the expert artists for the NFTs based artwork and they are closer to announcing the release of NFTs. 

NFTs based Sunny Leone artwork will be available on sale at

Before this, Amitabh Bachchan, a highly popular actor of India Bollywood cinema industry announced the launch of NFTs and it is expected that they will release soon in the the incoming week of November month. 

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