SushiSwap crypto exchange rejected reported vulnerability


SushiSwap Decentralised crypto exchanges denied that there is any kind of issue in their exchange. And also the exchange claimed that they are aware about this reported issue.

In the present time many types of hacking attacks on Defi platforms can be seen, where hackers succeeded in draining huge amounts of money. In some cases, hackers return funds but not every time. To remain away from any kind of bug, almost every Defi platform runs bug bounty programs. SushiSwap also runs a bounty program, where they claim that they will pay up to $40,000 in exchange for reporting bugs. 

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A white hat Hacker identified a bug in the Suswap Defi exchange and claimed that because of the identified Bug, Sushiswap may lose $1 billion of funds. 

According to the hacker, the vulnerability is in the emergencyWithdraw function in two of SushiSwap’s contracts, MasterChefV2 and MiniChefV2”. 

Hacker added 

“SushiSwap’s non-Ethereum deployments and 2x rewards (all using the vulnerable MiniChefV2 and MasterChefV2 contracts) hold over $1 billion in total value. This means that this value is essentially untouchable for 10-hours several times a month.” 

When hackers informed this bug to the Sushiswap team, then one of the developers of Sushiswap said that they are already aware about that and that it is not a part of Vulnerability and also there is no risk with the funds. 

 Mudit Gupta, blockchain Security researcher & Ethereum developer, also said that there is no risk with the found issues 

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