Telegram Bitcoin Bot grabs Binance’s attention


Binance crypto exchange’s report mentioned Telegram crypto wallet bot service as a new competitor among the crypto market players. 

Telegram is a popular P2P messaging platform. The crypto journey of Telegram is very long. In the past Telegram collected nearly $1.5 billion for its Gram token ICO but after the legal action by the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), the Telegram team winded down its crypto-related activities. Since couple of years, an independent team has been working on Ton blockchain (TON) to provide crypto services via Telegram bot directly.

In the last 12 months, the developers under the TON crypto project brought huge numbers of features for the Telegram crypto bot users. In the present time, Telegram users can trade, invest, & purchase Crypto assets directly via the Telegram bot.

Telegram directly cuts transaction fees, tax fees, & service charges from the crypto traders and this is the core crypto business model for Telegram. 

On 4 Aug 2023, Binance published a short research article on Telegram Bots and noted that the Telegram crypto bot is getting huge attention in the crypto sector.

According to Binance research, Telegram Bot is a much better option for Telegram users to deal with cryptocurrencies in a highly smooth way. 

Furthermore, Binance research also noted that crypto trade volume on the Telegram crypto bot is surging rapidly but alongside such achievement, development related to this service should continue. 

In the last, Binance research clearly said that it’s not giving suggestions to people to use Telegram crypto bot and only use Telegram’s crypto service on their due diligence. 

Ton token 

Ton token is the native token of the Telegram crypto bot and the current trade price of Ton token is $1.2 & this trade price is 10% down over the last 30 days of trade price. 

Telegram Bitcoin Bot grabs Binance's attention 1

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