Telegram CEO seems interested in “Hamster Kombat” Crypto project 


Pavel Durov shared a new Telegram post via his channel, leading to a wave of comments and theories about his interest in the Hamster Kombat Game.

Hamster Kombat is a Telegram-based game where players battle using virtual hamsters. They can collect, train, and upgrade their hamsters, each with unique skills. Players can duel friends, join tournaments, and compete in clans for rankings, combining RPG and strategy elements for an engaging experience on Telegram.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov mentioned in a recent update on his official Telegram channel that there has been a shift in how users interact with mini-apps, now allowing them to collapse and switch between apps more easily. He added that the new bottom bar will eventually store web pages and other content for later reading. Additionally, the update introduces the ability for channel owners to publish paid photos and videos, which users can purchase with Stars. These Stars can be converted into Toncoin with almost no commission from Telegram.

The Hamster Kombat Team noted that the Telegram CEO was busy with new updates & after that, he started playing the Hamster Kombat Game. 

In May, Pavel supported Notcoin (NOT), the pioneer tap-to-earn game on Telegram, showing how it quickly changed from an in-game currency to real money for its users.

Hamster Kombat vs Iran

Hamster Kombat helps players earn money by tapping on digital hamsters to mine HMSTR coins. Players can boost earnings through daily combos, subscribing to the game’s YouTube channel, inviting friends, completing special missions, and daily check-ins. Upgrading exchanges also increases their earning rate.

Hamster Kombat plans to launch a token on the TON blockchain this month. However, it is facing criticism from the Iranian military, which views the game and its crypto rewards as a form of Western influence intended to distract the public from important issues like the presidential election and economic challenges. 

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