Terra critic says FTX working to spread negative PR about its rival companies


A popular Terra project critic indirectly claimed that the popular crypto exchange FTX works to degrade the reputation of its rival exchanges.

Fatman is a Twitter user with the username @FatmanTerra. He joined Twitter in May 2022, just after the collapse of the Terra ecosystem, to report about the Terra (Luna) project to the crypto community. At this moment he is holding a total of 100K followers on Twitter. From May to April, Fatman disclosed several internal critical information about the Terra project, which was necessary for the investors of the Terra project. 

On 25 August, Fatman tweeted that a genuine source confirmed that popular crypto exchange FTX’ Press release company “M Group Communications” contracted to release negative news & articles about the rival platform Binance exchange. 

“A verified source has confirmed that FTX’s PR firm, M Group Communications, has been contracted to release negative media articles about competitor exchange Binance. Hired journalists are given access to a “black book” of anti-Binance contacts & references for research,” Fatman said.

A Twitter user @SilvermanJacob asked the source, from where Fatman collected the information. In response, Fatman said that he can explain it in more detail but the source urged him to maintain his privacy from the public. 

The majority of the replies in the Fatman tweet thread is showing that no one is in the mood to believe this internal information and also no response came from the Binance exchange or its executive officer Changpeng Zhao.

Interestingly a Twitter user claimed that the majority of the journalists of Bloomberg, FT & some other media were getting paid to release negative news about the popular stablecoin Tether (USDT), so these dirty things are very usual.

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