Terra’ LUNA leading the crypto market with highest 32% surge

The native coin of Terra showed a very bullish recovery and also touched its new all-time high. 

Luna is a native coin of Terra blockchain protocol, which also has its native Stablecoins, which are pegged by the real value of fiat currencies. Terra came into origin in 2018 with the development efforts and came into existence in April 2019 with its official launching. 

On 9 March, the price of Terra( LUNA) touched $100 on the Binance exchange as a new all-time high of this year. Right now Luna’s current trading price is $98, which is 21.17% higher than the last 24 hours trade price. 

Terra' LUNA leading the crypto market with highest 32% surge 1

On 7 March, Luna’s price was feeling confident with its $75.60 support price and also was hinting toward a bullish pattern. So now today’s highest price with $100, Luna surged around 32% within the last 48 hours. 

Due to better gains in the price of Luna, it attracted a huge Inflow of funds because of a sudden increase in the trader’s activity. At the time of writing this article, Terra crossed Cardano and Solana protocol by total Market Cap of the trading volume. 

A crypto analyst noted that the price of Luna may touch a maximum of  $112 or even $120 in this current chart pattern and sentiment of the market. 

According to expert traders of the crypto market, this latest pump in the price of Luna took place because of the good fundamentals and positive sentiment for Luna. 

In terms of the highest staking reward, Terra is currently at the top in this industry among all Blockchain networks, which allows staking features. 

Terra' LUNA leading the crypto market with highest 32% surge 2

In terms of the highest locked funds in staking, Terra is standing at second position in this industry. Where Solana is standing at first rank and Ethereum is standing at third rank. 

If we look at the total value locked in the Terra protocol then it is the second-highest protocol in this industry. With total of  $25.65 billion TVL.

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