The democratic candidate believes Infrastructure bill can still be fix

A democratic candidate cum Defi developer shared his stance on the infrastructure bill of the United States, which passed by the signature of Joe Biden officially. 

This morning, the Biden administration announced officially the final approval of the US infrastructure structure bill dedicated to the development of the infrastructure of the US. Because of this bill, the crypto market crashed.

Matt West is a developer in the Defi sector and also currently he is a Democratic candidate amid an ongoing wave of elections. Matt shared his take on the bill and believes that there are ways to push back the bill. 

In a conversation with the Cointelegraph, Matt said that the bill is only passed by the government but still it is not implemented in the laws and it is not in effect. 

“My understanding of this bill is that it has been signed, but it hasn’t taken effect yet.”

The main issue in this part of the bill is “section 6050II of the bipartisan legislation”. And we can do some changes in favour of both laws and crypto space.

According to Matt, many things in the bill are the traditional financial policies based on laws to restrict activities related to illegal funding. For example, an NFTs seller needed to involve the Tax id with buy-sell. 

Matt also said that they had a conversation with the two main leaders of the party to discuss those things which are not easily catchy and considered for perfect regulation.

“There’s a bunch of people right now in Congress who are trying to pass laws on things they don’t necessarily understand. And because of that, you see regulations that don’t make sense.” 

And also said that crypto should not be a one-sided issue, it is too big.

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