The professional ice hockey team of North Carolina will accept crypto

The Carolina Hurricanes announced to accept crypto payments under the partnership with the Bitpay payment services.

At present time, there are many payment options available but only those payment methods are better, which have better transparency and access. In recent years, Crypto based payment services surged rapidly and it happened because of the zero boundation of the Crypto assets use case. Day by day, new companies are integrating crypto-based payment options in their services. 

The Carolina Hurricanes is a professional ice hockey team and it is based in North Carolina. This team has decided to accept payments in crypto methods also. 

This team has its e-commerce platform. And the platform established a partnership with the Bitpay payment company to accept crypto payments including Shiba inu coin also. 

On the Shiba inu coin, a spokesman of the team member said that Shiba grabbed better popularity this year and also the best crypto asset of 2021, so they will accept payments In Shiba also.

Don Waddell, the general manager at Carolina Hurricanes, said that adding crypto-based payment methods is just only part of increasing the user’s shopping experience at the platform with better and better new options. 

“By partnering with BitPay, we can establish a presence in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market and provide our fans with increased payment flexibility.”

Bitpay sees a trend with Shiba inu 

At the beginning of December of this year, the Bitpay payment network company added support for the Shiba inu coin. And all was part of the strategy to go with the ongoing trend in the crypto industry. 

Support for the Shiba inu coin also was much-needed. Because many companies and services want to grab attention with the use of the Shiba coin name. That is why the majority of the tech and crypto inclined companies are announcing that they are accepting payments in Shiba inu coin.

AMC Theaters was also part of this trend, where AMC’s CEO announced that they will accept Shiba as well as Doge in payment options alongside the flagship assets with the help of Bitpay.

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