Tim Draper Believes CoronaVirus Pandemic is Turning Point for Bitcoin

COVID-19 a global spread breaks the Growth of industries all over the world now. Coronavirus vastly affects lives and situations are destructive. Every nation is suffering and affected by coronavirus and a total lockdown and block down over the world.

A Drastic World Crash  – a time ahead for the world looks very hard and challenging on every aspect to come out from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Money markets collapsed due to unexpected coronavirus spread and impact. To save the world economy, the bailout bill is $7 trillion and increasing rapidly. Clients are looking for A Prominent Alternative to their assets and investments.

To change with time it is better to select Bitcoin-as a Good Choice. Tim Draper, a Bitcoin Bull strongly ensures that time changing stage for the whole world and economy, a Peak Point to Bitcoin.

On 6 April in an interview, The Global Venture Capital Investor said he was not convinced about the government’s policy related to printing an infinite money bailout plan and suggested that it would take years for money to “permeates ” the global economy.

“They are gonna be printing all this money to try to get the economy back after they’ve basically tanked it,” he said. “They are going to flood it with a bunch of money, and that money is going to be worthless, and less, less. “

Draper have faith in Bitcoin as it has fixed income, he believes that investors will select BitCoin as a ” Best Choice ”  in spite of central bank printed in the billions :

“This is going to be a really interesting time where people say ‘well, why don’t I just use Bitcoin?’ I know there are only 21 million of them and we don’t have to worry about whether a government is diluting their currency by printing tons of it, we can instead just use a currency we all agree on and it’s all a part of the economy and it’s already frictionless and open and transparent and global.” 

COVID-19 Pandemic Is The End Of Globalization?  

The worldwide spread of Coronavirus is a big Disaster for the World Economy and for globalization from the last 25 years. There are distinct opinions regarding where the world is moving or trending.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are from the U.S, China or Russia or India or Europe or whatever, we are an open world and then the geographic borders are going to mean less and less.”

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