Tim Draper says El Salvador & CAR would be the wealthiest countries


Billionaire Tim Draper appreciated the Bitcoin adoption strategies from El Salvador-like countries and said that such countries will be the richest countries in the next 4 decades. 

Recently Tim Draper, Billionaire & Venture capitalist, appeared in an interview with a crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano. In the interview, he pointed out that the majority of people are afraid to invest in Bitcoin.

Draper noted that there are only a particular number of countries that are using Bitcoin as a part of their economy and these countries will become the wealthiest countries in the future because of the success of Bitcoin. 

“There’s only one or two countries in the world who have started to do that. They are going to go from the poorest to probably some of the wealthiest countries in the world over the next 40 years.”

In particular, Billionaire noted that El Salvador and the Central African Republic (CAR) are the only two countries that are using Bitcoin as a currency. Alongside these two countries, Malta & Switzerland are trying to make Bitcoin a significant part of their economy. 

“El Salvador and the Central African Republic. And then Malta, of course, is going to benefit greatly. Switzerland is benefiting big because they’re making Bitcoin a part of their economy,” Billionaire said.

The most important thing about which Tim Draper talked is Bitcoin investment fear. He noted that the majority of the people found it very easy to invest in Bitcoin at $64k but they fear investing in Bitcoin at the $16k to $17k price range. 

Further, Draper noted that Women’s involvement in the Bitcoin & crypto adoption may play an important role to push adoption. According to him, at present, approximately 2 out of 18 Bitcoin wallets belong to women. 

Usually, 80% of retail shopping is done by women, so the adoption of Bitcoin among females may help to push the use of Bitcoin at retail level payment use case. 

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