Time Magazine Readers Can Now Buy their Digital Subscription With Cryptocurrencies

Crypto.com which is one of the largest digital currency platforms and for the first time the Time Magazine has started offering the digital subscription by accepting cryptocurrencies as one of the payment methods. The digital subscription is 18 months long and one needs to pay 49 USD for that. If someone makes the payment by using cryptocurrencies via the Crypto.com website, he or she will receive 10% cashback after the purchase.

Crypto.com offers users a great amount of discount as the users are using the CRO tokens which are exclusively available on the website. In the last few years, the number of users of CRO coin has increased exponentially and that is why a prepaid visa card facility has been launched by Crypto.com. This visa card allows the users to get the cashback rewards more easily.

At present, the payment method is only available for the people living in the United States of America and Canada, but Time Magazine is planning to offer this facility to people across the world as a global rollout has been planned for July 2021.

Currently, Time Magazine has more than 2 million active subscribers and according to the President of the Time magazine, Keith Grossman ‘This collaboration will help the magazine achieve new heights in terms of subscribers’. Time magazine is transforming into a new era and the journey has begun when the leadership group of Times magazine had decided to take the magazine to a digital platform.

Time Magazine was first published way back in the year 1923 and after so many years it started accepting payments made by using cryptocurrencies. This signifies that the market related to digital assets and cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the way in the future.

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