Top 11 cryptocurrency news websites


In the internet world, there are several crypto news websites but only a particular number of crypto websites are worth to consider to remain updated in the crypto market in real-time. 


Cointelegraph is one of the most popular crypto and blockchain-related news websites in the crypto space. A few years back, top-level crypto exchange Binance bought Cointelegraph. This crypto news website has diversified reach among huge numbers of high-level sources in crypto and non-crypto space. 


Coindesk is also one of the Popular crypto news websites. This website is popularly known for its representation of the news in fewer words with more information. And also the contents on Coindesk can be found more easily because the Coindesk team categorized the contents on the website in much better ways. 


U.Today is one of the crypto websites, which is known for its breaking news. Usually, this website covers those small matters of the crypto industry, which remains worth it for retail crypto traders. However, the topics that picks remain part of the crypto trend in very short notes.


Reddit is a social media platform and popularly known as a spam-free platform with high-quality news and information. There are several subreddit community pages, which are helpful for particular news targeted Reddit users. 

In most cases, the discussion about particular topics remains of high quality. However a person may face criticism with a particular topic discussion but still, the platform will remain always better to provide & share information with quality news updates.

Interested people may follow their interest-based subreddit community pages like crypto, Ethereum & Bitcoin to remain up-to-date with current activities in the crypto space.


Bitcoinmagazine is also one of the best platforms to get crypto news. However, this website is not popular enough to remain updated about crypto but still, this website is much better for those who want to understand the momentum of the crypto market. 

Bitcoinmagazine usually picks those matters of the crypto industry, which are under very high-level heat or sensation of the industry. 

This website always gives preference to crypto news, which are witness to adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. 


Bitcoinik is one of the popular crypto websites in the crypto industry, which is getting a better position in the industry. This website is popularly known to give updates about the current ongoing trend of the crypto market, with full transparency. 

This website is best for those crypto users, who want to remain updated about crypto news but don’t want to lose their time in reading lengthy articles. 


Bloomberg is not a crypto news website but this website covers almost every topic that is part of important news. 

Bloomberg authors also cover crypto-related news, which are very important. The crypto news of Bloomberg has a better influence on the whole crypto industry. 

Even small negative news of Bloomberg is sufficient to plunge the crypto market. 

Wall Street Journal 

WSJ is a similar website to Bloomberg. This website also covers almost all the international news that are important. This website has hands in multiple high authorities government officials globally. 

Sometimes, small news websites remain not able to grab that level of news from the internal matters within the government authorities, in that situation WSJ works very well. 

Bitcoin.Com is the most popular crypto news website, which is known to cover the crypto news in full detailed explanation. Usually, the language style of this website remains tough for those, who don’t know English perfectly but this website is doing work better than Cointelegraph like websites. 


Yahoo Finance and Crypto is also the best crypto news website. As we know that Yahoo was a popular search engine before Google but the current services of Yahoo are engaged in providing better coverage of the financial industry. Yahoo is taking crypto-related news at the top level. Usually, Yahoo takes interviews of high-level Businessmen and personalities of the crypto and non-crypto sectors. 


Decrypt is a high reputation-based website and this website is popularly known to cover almost all important news of the crypto market, which can impact the prices of crypto assets. The contents of these websites remain always at the top level with full transparency. 

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