Tron founder in not leaving crypto, he is getting political

Tron founder Justin Sun left the Tron crypto project and officially he will work as the brand ambassador of the Grenada government to the World Trade Organization. 

Tron is Proof-of-stake Consensus based crypto project and also this crypto project is known for its ability to facilitate high-speed transactions in the blockchain network. Tron is known as a rival of the Ethereum blockchain network. Justin Sun is the founder of the Tron crypto project. Justin Sun is not limited to the Tron project only, he has hands in multiple crypto assets like SUN, JST, WIN, BTT, and also in many other crypto projects. 

A few days ago, Justin Sun officially declared that he is leaving the Tron project and now he will work as the brand ambassador of the Grenada government to the WTO. 

Justin confirmed that the Tron blockchain is now more decentralized and 27 people will be elected to manage the works of the Tron foundation. Those 27 people will be elected by the community of Tron. 

Justin Sun also confirmed that he is not leaving crypto or Tron fully. He will still promote Tron and crypto adoption. That means Justin is only leaving his position from the Tron as a CEO. 

Through the new decision, Justin Sun confirmed that he will only push the adoption of Crypto and blockchain technology in Grenada. 

“My career in the future … will focus on the legitimization of blockchain technology on a nation-state level”

On the hearing of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee grill six executives on crypto, Justin also shared his point of view. Justin said that crypto is not dependent on 200 million people of the US. There are 7 billion people in the whole world who are using crypto, so betting on crypto is not dependent on the US. 

Justin also noted that if we become able to legitimize blockchain technology in Grenada then surely in the future we will be able to convince the US and China to speed up the process of adoption of this blockchain industry. 

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