Tron network surpassed a $5 trillion transfer value


The giant public blockchain Tron once again recovered at a rapid rate to compete with its rival blockchain networks.

Tron is a big Proof-of-stake blockchain network and stands at 16th rank by 24 hours global trade volume. Justin Sun is the founder of Tron blockchain and he is no longer in the Tron project directly but he remains active on Twitter to share the ongoing achievement & development works of the Tron blockchain ecosystem. 

On 1 August, TRONSCAN, Tron blockchain network explorer, information through the official Twitter account that Tron blockchain network archived the 2nd largest public chain by stablecoin market cap & Top3 largest public chain by TVL.

The tweet confirmed that Tron now stands with a total of 105 million new accounts and also recorded over 3.6 billion transactions on its network. 

Recently Tron established a partnership with WeFund. WeFund is a multichain community crowdfunding incubator for blockchain and real-world projects. So it is expected that that recent partnership caused the sudden recovery in the Tron ecosystem. The project team of Tron blockchain aimed to bring huge numbers of new real-life use cases because of the WeFund support.

TRX Price 

TRX is the native coin of the Tron blockchain. This coin is currently standing at 16 ranks by 24 hours trade volume. The current price of TRX is $0.0681 and this price is 7.2% high over the last 7 days’ trade price. 

Tron network surpassed a $5 trillion transfer value 1

It is worth noting that the price of the TRX coin showed a huge downfall and less upside this year because of the departure of Justin Sun from the Tron project. 

In the past, a few deep investigations claimed that Justin Sun tried to manipulate the price of TRX coin through his Social media following and his power as a founder of Tron. Few reports also claimed that Justin tried to launch other crypto assets forcibly, without following proper compliance steps. However, not much proof was provided by investigators but Justin refused to admit any type of such allegations.

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