Trump’s Crypto Bet: Poll Shows $2.8M in Ethereum and Millions from NFTs Could Boost His 2024 Election Chances


A poll funded by Paradigm shows 13% of Republicans now view Trump more favourably due to his crypto support. Most respondents in the poll hinted that they want Congress to regulate crypto, and 28% have invested in it, especially young, male, and non-white groups.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has shown a newfound enthusiasm for digital currencies, which may help him gain more vote support in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. 

According to a poll commissioned by Paradigm, a crypto investment firm, Trump is favoured by 48% of voters who own cryptocurrencies, while President Joe Biden is preferred by 39% of these voters. This shift in support highlights the growing discontent with the current financial system among cryptocurrency holders, who see Trump as a potential advocate for their interests.

Trump’s personal involvement in the crypto space further underscores his appeal to this voter demographic. Recent disclosures reveal that Trump holds $2.8 million in Ethereum and has earned nearly $5 million from his NFT collection. This level of investment is significantly higher than previously known, as earlier reports suggested he held up to $500,000 in digital assets.

Trump’s increasing engagement with the crypto community can be seen as a strategic move to attract more voters, particularly those who are dissatisfied with traditional financial institutions. This approach aligns with his broader campaign strategy of positioning himself as a challenger to the status quo and an advocate for financial innovation.

The support for Trump among crypto holders is part of a larger trend where political candidates are beginning to recognize the influence of the cryptocurrency community. As more people invest in and use digital currencies, their political preferences could play a crucial role in shaping future elections. Trump’s ability to leverage this support could be a decisive factor in his bid for the presidency.

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