Trust wallet (TWT) token surges 15%, highest in the top flagship crypto assets


The trade price of the TWT token surged rapidly in the last 24 hours but analysts noted some road bumps in the path of the bullish pattern of this token. 

Trust wallet is a popular decentralized wallet with over 70 million active users globally. In July 2018, Global crypto exchange Binance acquired this decentralized crypto wallet and introduced several on-chain Crypto services & also integrated the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to provide Binance-inclined crypto services under a fully decentralized environment. 

The current trade price of TWT, the native token of the Trust Wallet, is $1.08 & this trade price is 7.5% high over the last 24 hours trade price.

Trust wallet (TWT) token surges 15%, highest in the top flagship crypto assets 1

Notably this trade price is 15% high over the last 7 days of trade price, thanks to the Trust wallet team’s visible development activities.

In the present time, the Trust Wallet developers are doing several works to bring better customer experience e.g new logo, a redesigned application interface easier navigation, the introduction of light and dark themes, and improved wallet switching, along with the cryptocurrency software wallet provider’s new tagline.

In Nov 2022, the FTX crypto exchange collapsed badly. In the same year, several crypto crypto-lending platforms collapsed badly. 

The whole situation acted as a catalyst to create fear among the centralized crypto exchange users. Under the high fear situation, the majority of the big players shifted their crypto trade activities to decentralized crypto exchanges, & Trust Wallet was the best choice for the crypto traders. 

Trust wallet was not alone which was enjoying a new user base, the majority of the other decentralized crypto wallets grabbed new user base.

Atomic crypto wallet is also a popular decentralized crypto wallet which grabbed a huge user base but in June of this year faced an hack incident. Nearly 1% Atomic customers lost all or partial amount of funds from their corresponding accounts. In July, the whole situation again changed & people shifted their Inclination toward centralized crypto platforms.

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