Two lucky tiny miners earned 6.25 Bitcoins, 1 in billion event


Two tiny miners grabbed that amount of Bitcoins, which was not expected by anyone. One of the two Tiny miners started to earn Bitcoins a couple of days ago. 

Bitcoin mining is a profitable business for those, who can make a high amount of investment in Bitcoin mining hardware and also can have cheap electricity. These things are not easy to achieve to start Bitcoin mining activities, that is why no one thinks about Bitcoin mining until they have better resources like cheap electricity and also a cool environment. 

On 10 January, a tiny miner with a total of  126 terahashes per second (TH/s), successfully solved a Bitcoin block. This was the biggest insane lucky coincidence for the miner. 

Hass McCook, a mining expert and member of the Bitcoin Mining Council, shared his thoughts on this coincidence with the Cointelegraph

Hass said that the probability of this situation occurring is around 1 in 1,400,000. 

While on 13 January, a person with a less hash rate of 116TH/s successfully solved the block. And Interestingly, this guy belonged to the same mining pool of Bitcoin. Indirectly we can say this pool is lucky for small Bitcoin miners. 

“They’ve been astronomically lucky in solving a block solo in that time..“This is insane luck at work and a very unusual event.” Solo admin Con Kolivas wrote

Kolivas also said that this tiny miner joined the pool around 2 days ago. 

McCook said that it is totally hard to figure out how mathematical calculation will work to find out that this is an insane probability. 

He added that such kinds of events are probably 1 in a million. But occurrences of two same events is totally like 1 in a billion probability. 

Now, besides all the small efforts to support the Bitcoin network, these two lucky miners get a reward of 6.25 Bitcoins. 

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