U.K Police Seize $250 Million Worth Of Crypto In Money Laundering Investigation

U.K police announced their success to solve an ongoing case against a woman who was involved in Money Laundering. Police seized crypto of worth 180 million Euros.

The Metropolitan Police announced on 13July, they seized a big amount of cryptocurrency in a Anti Money laundering investigation case against a woman. According to police, the seized value of crypto is around 180 million Euros and it’s value in dollars is around $250 million. 

And also U.K police claimed that it is the biggest seizure of funds in comparison with similar cases in AML. 

This case was started in mid the of June and a 39 year old woman was involved in the Money Laundering activity. She was arrested by 24 June and after that all things had been solved regarding this case, according to an interview that was held after the end of this case.

Joe Ryan, who is Detective Constable, explained all things through an interview and also he described the significant landmark which was helpful for the investigators.

“Today’s seizure is another significant landmark in this investigation which will continue for months to come as we hone in on those at the centre of this suspected money laundering operation”

It should be noted, U.K police recently, at the end of June, seized some crypto funds in another Money Laundering activity, which was worth around $160 million.

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Anti Money Laundering activities are increasing day by day and investigation authorities are ready to catch them with their own ideas and strategy. And also detectives catch them almost every time, which shows the success of ruling securities in the world. But surely if all such types of things will continuously happen then high restrictions will be more restrictive in future. So it is always better to keep yourself aware about such things, don’t involve yourself in criminal activities and also report such kind of users if you have doubts, this will help us to keep the cryptocurrency community criminal free.

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