U.S. Citizens Are Losing Their Interest In Crypto: Google Search Report


According to a Google search  report, people in the U.S are not searching more about Crypto. While they are looking for other risky methods to earn money.

Recently a website reported about the U.S citizens about the Cryptocurrency interest based on the Google search engine report by people who are located in U.S. Regions.

According to the report, Americans were searching about ” Crypto” more rapidly earlier but now they are not searching with this word. Now they are not interested in Cryptocurrency.

This indicates that they are not interested to know about the meaning of Cryptocurrency. Alternatively we can say they are not interested in crypto education.

Now they are searching more rapidly for “call option” , “bull spread” etc.

These are clear indications, instead of learning they are going for Investment with high risk chances. 

Beside the perfect analysis and perfect knowledge, they want just a simple indication of buy & sell with direct Google data, which is a clear indication of what type of risk they can face soon.

Based on the aforementioned data, Most of the Americans searched about these things during the times of interval when Tesla suspended bitcoin as a payment option and secondly after the announcement of crackdown on mining ban law in China which surged the Cryptocurrency market with a very big crash of this year.

Well here recent surveys also indicate that people of these countries are not much eager to get educated in Cryptocurrency but they want Investment in Cryptocurrency. And also a survey revealed that they don’t know Much about other Cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin , Ethereum & DogeCoin.

So we can say, Americans need to have lots of education in the Cryptocurrency field for better trading strategy & better knowledge of blockchain that how it works.