Ubisoft VP responses against backlash for its newly NFT platform

The vice president of Ubisoft responded positively to the questions that its users are raising against the platform. 

Crypto and adoption are surging in almost every industry. The gaming industry is one, which is more eager to go with Blockchain technology to allow the users to play in a real decentralized world. Few gaming companies are also trying to introduce NFTs features so that users can exchange gaming assets (weapons, skin, gun, clothes etc) to each other.

Recently Ubisoft launched its NFTs platform and the main aim to introduce NFTs support with the new platform was aimed to bring new freedom for the users to use their Gaming assets but many users criticized the company for its new Platform. 

The vice president at Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovations Lab, Nicolas Pouard, recently appeared in an interview with the finder.

Nicolas said that such reactions by the users is showing that their gamer users are serious with our gaming services. 

“It’s a reaction we are accustomed to. I think it’s great because it shows how engaged our players are and how passionate they are about their hobby and gaming in general. And looking at that, I think it’s reassuring,” Nicolas added 

Through the interview, Nicolas also clearly said that no one user is forced to use new ways to use the services, users are free to adapt the traditional way to play games with the primary platform.

 “matter of personal choice” for players who “at no point” will be forced to use them.”

Nicolas also said that people are picking one line to show their anger but they are not trying to understand that they can get those things with the Digital secondary market, which they can’t get with traditional ones. 

“I think gamers don’t get what a digital secondary market can bring to them.” The idea that players may not “get it for now

A user criticized for such new changes in Ubisoft and claimed that Ubisoft is now no more Ubisoft. it is just former shell

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