UK hiring crypto detectives 


The United Kingdom (UK) is recruiting crypto & blockchain talents to trace & combat suspicious crypto activities.

The UK is a very big region for the crypto sector. Sadly a limited number of crypto companies provide crypto services in the UK, so monopoly is visible, as the other new crypto companies fail to get regulatory approval because of the strict laws & rules. In the past, several crypto companies alleged that the financial conduct authority (FCA) keeps new crypto companies away from UK, so other companies took advantage to create a monopoly in the UK’s crypto industry. 

In Jan of this year, the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) established a new digital asset team “NCCU Crypto Cell” under the Complex Financial Crime Team (CFCT). The newly established team aims to prohibit all kinds of illegal or suspicious crypto transactions. 

Now CFTC is hiring two new blockchain investigators for the new team to combat cryptocurrency-related offences. The main job of blockchain investigators will be to oversee intricate investigations dealing with cryptocurrency and digital assets.

With the surging adoption & popularity of cryptocurrencies & blockchain innovations, the government agencies in the majority of the jurisdictions are trying their best to increase their expertise in this sector to keep the bad actors’ activities away and stop potential Crypto fraud/crime activity.

UK vs World coin 

Recently “World Coin” was launched globally. The majority of the top crypto exchanges launched this World coin (WLD). 

The World Coin team is giving a reward to all the people who download the World Coin crypto wallet & verifying their account with an Iris scan.

A recent report confirmed that the UK’s authorities are investigating this coin and they are trying to figure out the potential risks associated with this crypto project, as they are storing the identity of people and also giving tokens to the users for registering with their app. 

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