Ukraine’ biggest pharmacy chain accepts Crypto payment


ANC Pharmacy established a partnership with BinancePay to accept Crypto payments in its chain ecosystem.

Binance is a popular crypto exchange and stands at first rank. To this date, Binance covers 75% of the global Crypto trade volume on its platform. BinancePay is a payment platform under Binance exchange. BinancePay supports off-chain & on-chain crypto transactions, which means it provides integrated payment services.

On 3 Jan 2023, ANC Pharmacy, one of the biggest pharmacy chains in Ukraine, announced that the company established its partnership with the BinancePay payment app to allow ANC affiliated pharmacy stores to accept payments easily in cryptocurrencies as an alternative option for the customers. 

This pharmacy company operates its business at 1,000 locations in the country and also runs its online medicine sales service. The new payment feature will be available at ANC pharmacies as well as ANC Pharmacy-operated stores.

For a few years, Binance worked rapidly to establish its strong presence in the Ukrainian Crypto market. In September of last year, this exchange collaborated with the Ukrainian supermarket chain Varus. 

Ukraine & Crypto Adoption

As we know that Ukraine was not a much better place for the crypto sector but the Russia vs Ukraine conflict resulted in a better outcome for the crypto sector.

Many reports confirmed that the majority of the Ukrainians showed their Inclination toward Crypto assets as the best payment option & best option to store funds safely amid big war situations in the country, where the majority of the financial services were closed in order to save from hacking attacks. 

Many people from the crypto industry donated Crypto funds to the Ukrainian government to fund the Ukrainian military against Russian military invasions. 

Later, the Ukrainian president also approved a bill to allow the use of cryptocurrencies for the citizens but at the same time they imposed a Crypto investment threshold, to save the economy of the country.

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