Ukraine launches crypto crime report platform


Scamfari OSINT will allow people to report suspicious crypto activities related to crypto addresses & wallets. 

Ukraine is a crypto-friendly country. After the conflict of this country with Russia, Ukrainian government agencies started to work on many crypto-friendly proposals. In 2022, the Ukraine government collected more than $100 million worth of crypto assets & NFTs collectibles to help the Ukrainian military against Russian invasions.

Recently HAPI Labs launched Scamfari OSINT smart contract platform, in collaboration with Ukraine’s cyber police. This platform is currently available in the beta testing phase. 

The platform will allow people to report any kind of illegal crypto activities like money laundering, scam, fraud, etc. The dedicated team behind this platform will approve the report manually, to ensure the prohibition of fake reporting. 

Earlier this HAPI ran a two-week crypto scam reporting campaign and also promised to give rewards to the scam reporters in their own token.

Russia vs Ukraine, & Crypto adoption

The whole world knows that Russia & Ukraine were in a fight against each other over their geopolitical drama. 

In Russia vs Ukraine conflict, the majority of the countries supported Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian minister officially shared crypto addresses on the Twitter platform to accept donations from the Crypto sector. 

Russian-origin crypto personality Vitalik Buterin, who is a Co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain, also supported Ukraine. 

To stop Russian military invasions in Ukraine, the majority of the western countries imposed financial & trade sanctions on Russia. Since Q3 2022, Russian government agencies are planning to adopt Crypto & blockchain technology to bypass international financial sanctions.

In short, we can say that Russia vs Ukraine conflict resulted into Crypto adoption in both countries, and both of these two countries are taking crypto-friendly steps. 

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