Ukraine planning to sell “NFTs donations” to support the country against Russia


The Ukrainian Government is moving one step toward the NFTs sale to boost the country’s effort against Russian invasions. 

Today is the 46th day of the Russia vs Ukraine war and this war seems to be going toward endless possibilities because the expected two to three days of the war, from the point of view of the Russian president, has now crossed more than one and half a months but no have been so far came out from this war. But overall Ukraine is under huge loss because many people lost lives and also the country lost its huge infrastructure in missile attacks. 

When Russian military invasions were at their peak in the first week of March then at that time Ukrainian deputy minister of Digital Transformation Alex Bornyakov officially caught the hand of the crypto industry to support the country and its armed forces financially against Russia. 

A couple of days ago, the Ukrainian deputy minister shared his idea to sell all crypto NFTs collections that they collected from the crypto industry in the form of donations.

“We just want to show how many people are doing this and how they are inspired by those events, and how they want to help Ukraine.”

In the collected NFTs collections, there are only 5-10% of NFTs valuable, which are worth around $200,000. Besides this, few independent companies created 10 NFTs collections for Ukraine, in the form of donations. 

For the same, Ukraine will launch its official website soon. All the information will remain available on the website. Buy, Sell & trade will take place on the top-ranked NFTs marketplace OpenSea exchange. 

In the last week, Ukraine sold museum NFTs and collected around $770,000. The main initiative to sell the Museum NFTs was to rebuild and re-establish its physical museums, which got damaged or destroyed in Russian military invasions. 

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