UK’s parliament member compares AI with the nuclear industry, urges regulation


Lucy Powell shared his opinion against the rapidly growing Artificial intelligence (AI) sector and noted that there is an immediate response to regulate this sector.

In the present time, Artificial intelligence (AI) is highly popular in the tech world, including the cryptocurrency sector. Almost every tech firm wants to shift its focus toward AI-focused development, as AI is emerging as a new tech trend in the innovative world. 

On 5 June 2023, Lucy Powell, a representative of Britain’s largest opposition political party & also a member of parliament for the United Kingdom’s Labour Party, said that Google & OpenAI tech firms developed their AI Chatbots but there is a very big picture which is hidden from the public.

According to Lucy, these companies should go under a new regulation system so that we can understand how they are managing & controlling their AI tools. 

“My real point of concern is the lack of any regulation of the large language models that can then be applied across a range of AI tools, whether that’s governing how they are built, how they are managed, or how they are controlled,” Lucy said.

Lucy is known as a tech advocate. She believes that it is better to regulate technologies, instead of imposing a ban. For example, the EU recently banned facial recognition tools was obviously not a good decision.

Further, Lucy also confirmed that the Labour Party is near to completing its new framework to regulate the AI sector as well as some related technologies, as these emerging technologies can help to bring a new life to the UK’s economy.

Earlier this Tesla CEO Elon Musk raised concerns over surging rapid development in the AI tools without any regulation system. According to Musk, AI is a very dangerous tool against humanity.

AI & scams

Recently Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said that a few bad actors are using AI tools to create fake emails to trick people to convince them for investment in the upcoming, unknown, & fake crypto projects on the Cardano Blockchain.

According to Hoskinson, if the AI sector will grow rapidly at the same speed then in the future bad actors will be able to misuse AI tools to create real 3D videos of real people with real voices and in that situation it will be tough to stop such types of crimes. 

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