Uniswap community approves deployment of Uniswap v3 contracts on Polygon

The community of Uniswap fully supported the idea to deploy the Uniswap V2 contract on the Polygon network’s PoS chain. 

Polygon is a layer2 scaling solution crypto project dedicated to the Ethereum blockchain and also this project grabbed huge attention in the crypto industry over other scaling solution crypto projects. Now the value of this project can be seen through its use case with the integration of the leading Defi platform Uniswap. 

On 18 December, Uniswap Lab announced that the Uniswap community supported the idea to deploy Uniswap V2 on the Polygon, with 99% support. 

As we know that Uniswap is working on the Ethereum blockchain-based smart contract programming, so it is charging huge charges. But now on the Polygon, it will give better results. 

According to Polygon CEO Mihailo Bjelic, this was the perfect time for Uniswap to deploy on the Polygon network. Bjelic also stressed encouraging swap adoption in every aspect. 

This proposal to deploy Uniswap on polygon came into origin because of the Polygon CEO Bjelic. Bjelic opened this proposal to vote on 20 November and it was open till 18 December. Now what is the result, can be seen clearly, that everyone wants that Uniswap should go on the Polygon Network. 

Through the proposal, Polygon CEO said that this proposal will bring “a lot of benefits” such as user base growth, huge savings for users, higher user activity, higher revenue, market capture, and return to the original DeFi vision.”

Unstoppable Domain Integration of Polygon network 

Recently, NFTs concept-based Unstoppable Domains also integrated Polygon layer 2 scaling solution to bring efficiency in the transactions. 

A month ago, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butterin also said that currently Ethereum blockchain is on the Proof-of-Work Consensus and it will take a couple of years to shift to Proof-of-stake. So for now we are restricted to remaining dependent on the Layer2 scaling solutions. 

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