Uniswap Powered Ethereum Token Swap Features Launched By Coinmarketcap


Recently Coinmarketcap, Launched Uniswap based swap features on their platform which is fully Powered by Uniswap platform.

Coinmarketcap.com is a popular website to check real time and historical prices of crypto coins. This website was bought by Binance in 2020. 

Now we can see how day by day new features they are adding to their platform. 

Recently coinmarketcap added  a new feature to swap Ethereum based token. which is fully based on a mechanism by the Uniswap platform. 

This is really a cool concept and also a necessary part for many newcomers/experienced in the Cryptocurrency field.

Because many people were willing to start their crypto journey without Investment and then they got into airdrops to collect free coins.

As we know, the airdrop trend  is now limited to the coinmarketcap platform. Only those airdrops are more preferred to collect which are listed on coinmarketcap.

So probably new and small Cryptocurrency users will get lots of advantages directly.

But here one thing we can expect from coinmarketcap, that they can provide their own separate wallet of Cryptocurrency, and that people can perform all of their works at one place.

Usually people need to go to the trading exchange for trade and they also need to go into the coinmarketcap history for graphical analysis.

So if they can Provide swap feature with a wallet then probably people will try to get involved in Coinmarketcap more than in any other exchange/website.

Well these may be future plans, right now it is going to be an advantageous factor for small traders. 

And According to coinmarketcap, they will add further more DEXs and also networks so that they can integrate the whole Cryptocurrency needed features to be done at a single place.

Probably it will be very tough because to give multiple features with a single website is a very tedious task because at one side they have to work on features and facilities and at another side security issues will be a challenging option.

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