Unstoppable Domains will not charge customers gas fees to mint Domains

Blockchain domain company ‘Unstoppable Domains’ announced that the company will no longer charge gas fees to their users to mint the Domains on the Ethereum NFTs network. 

After the concept of the NFTs, many new concepts in the crypto industry took birth, one of them was the Unstoppable domain’s concept to mint domain names on the Ethereum blockchain and also ensure the ownership of the domain name with the blockchain technology. In the past months, Unstoppable Domains achieved better success in the crypto industry.  However, this company has been in existence since 2018 and allows crypto, .nft, .bitcoin, .dao, and .blockchain domain names. 

Unstoppable Domains allow minting of the domains on the Ethereum network, which consumes high gas fees. But now the Firm will integrate the polygon network to avoid high gas fees. 

Polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution project, which is dedicated to the Ethereum blockchain to provide efficient transactions.

In the very starting, Unstoppable Domains was backed by the Zilliqa blockchain but later they shifted to the Ethereum blockchain but now they will go with Polygon, which will provide the same services and on the same network.

On the Ethereum network, Unstoppable Domains’ users needed to spend $100 approximately to mint a single domain on the Ethereum blockchain network in the form of gas fees. But this new move of the company will shift toward the expansion of their services next level and also small funds users will be able to use the same service.

Currently, the company is working on the additional features to give for their users e.g to add links or transfer domains from one network to another network. So this move of Unstoppable Domains will care about the old customers, who minted their domains on Zilliqa blockchain and Ethereum. Probably at the end of this month, the company will complete its integration with Polygon.

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