US crypto Attorney’s mobile hacked, hacker promotes $Law token


John Deaton’s mobile was hacked by a hacker & that hacker is promoting “Law token”. At the time of publication of this article, that account is still under the control of the hacker.

John Deaton is a popular XRP supporter & also he is a popular crypto attorney. Usually, he keeps his eye on the lawsuit development going on with crypto firms in the US jurisdiction.

On 4 June 2023, A hacker somehow hacked John Deaton’s mobile & further tweeted about “Law token”. Through the tweet, the hacker stated that the Law token is backed by CryptoLawUS, a law firm founded by John Deaton.

US crypto Attorney's mobile hacked, hacker promotes $Law token 1

CryptoLawUS team noted this incident & reported that an unknown hacker hacked Deaton’s mobile and Deaton is unable to access his phone. 

To report the whole incident, Deaton used their daughter’s Twitter account to inform his followers that his Twitter account was hacked & he is locked out. 

Many crypto Twitter users noted that it is a very strange hacking incident, where the victim is failing to access his own social media account again.

Law token 

Law token currently available in the crypto sector with a fully diluted market cap of $53,694 and the current trade price of this token is 483% high over the last 7 days of trade price. 

Earlier this, OpenAI’s CTO’s Twitter account was hacked and the hacker tried to promote a new token $OPENAI & also invited people to collect free $OPENAI tokens. 

US crypto Attorney's mobile hacked, hacker promotes $Law token 2

On 26 May, The Sandbox’s CEO’s Twitter account was also hacked and the hacker invited people to collect free Sand tokens, as a part of an airdrop campaign. 

The attached airdrop link was following a suspicious website, which was able to control the visitor’s wallet with single permission.

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