US Debt hit $22 Trillion but Bitcoin has limited supply

Supply of currency Dollar ($) is unlimited and very high inflation rate as compared to Bitcoin. US national Debt reached to $22 Trillion which is the highest value in the history.

US National Debt has an increment of $1 Trillion by last year which is approx 5% growth in the US Debt. 
Last month increment in Debt was about $30 Billion which is also a very big amount approx 0.14% of increment in the US Debt.

Bitcoin born to solve this problem having limited cap defined when its launch which is 21 million. Maximum possible supply of Bitcoin is 21 million.

Supply of Bitcoin is increasing at a constant rate which is reduced to half every after 4 years. Currently Bitcoin supply increment rate is 12.5 BTC per block (10 Minutes).

Limited supply and continuously decrement in the inflation rate makes BTC more valuable and more demanding by the time.

Most people think that Bitcoin is the store of value as its value always increases in long term aspects.

Venezuela already suffered badly from national currency supply inflation problem due to printing more currency which leads to decrease in currency value, same will happen to most of the other countries and will also going to happen with US dollar also in future due to Federal reserve continue to printing more Dollars which decreases Dollar value to not countable.

Most smart people always using Gold to store their funds in long term as Gold having its own value which was proved from a very long time in history and it is expected that it will not lose its value anytime in future due its limited supply and demand in the market.

Which ways do you feel better to store funds in the long term? Please Comment Below!

Bitcoin is the Store of Value

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