US government should buy Bitcoin : GOP Senate Candidate


A Senate candidate of the US government suggested owning Bitcoin to act against the China renewed ban.

After the adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender by El Salvador, almost all the crypto players asserted that El Salvador became the first country to hold bitcoin, which country will be the next to buy & hold Bitcoin. One of the Candidate shared his stance on bitcoin, and suggested buying Bitcoin & tried to indicate that the US department may follow El Salvador.

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Blake Masters is a chief operating officer at Thiel Capital. And right now, Master is running for the seat of senate to represent Arizona State. 

As Blake Masters is in politics, he shared his stance to drag China backward by giving his suggestion for the US government to buy Bitcoin. 

“I’ll forgive my HODLrs out there for shaving off some satoshis. It’s for a good cause”

Masters is a big crypto believer and also he is accepting big crypto donations like bitcoin & Ethereum. And experts believe that if he got a Senate seat to represent the state of Arizona, then surely he will be a big crypto supporter in the government authorities.

Here, Masters is not only the supporter of crypto against China ban decision. Recently, retiring GOP Sen. Pat Toomey passed almost a similar kind of statement. He added that China’s ban on crypto is a big opportunity for the other authorities.

“It’s also a reminder of our huge structural advantage over China”

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