US political party supports Bitcoin against Fed Res


Bitcoin is getting a significant positive signal of adoption among US politicians.

The current age of Bitcoin is more than 13 years and at this age, it is standing as the best choice among the world population as the best store of value. However Bitcoin is facing huge volatility due to the critical macroeconomic environment but still, it is getting huge support from high-level government officials. In the latest, a US-based political party supported Bitcoin as a monetary revolution.

Just a couple of days ago, the Libertarian Party of the United States took to Twitter to share the point of view of the political party toward Bitcoin.

According to this US political party, Bitcoin has the ability as a decentralized monetary structure to eliminate the role of the US Central Bank.

“Bitcoin is at the forefront of a decentralized monetary revolution that can nullify the Federal Reserve and the fiat system in general.”

Earlier in 2020, the Libertarian Party passed comments in support of cryptocurrencies. Party stated that “Bitcoin is the greatest tool of human liberty that humanity has ever created”. 

This political party also accepts Bitcoin donation via the crypto payment platform Bitpay. 

In July, California’ lawmakers proposed a new rule to allow state and local office political candidates to accept campaign contributions in digital assets. Later the bill was approved by the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission.

Leading US government politicians supports Bitcoin 

At present, huge numbers of US politicians are supporting Bitcoin. Here we can take the example of New York Mayor Eric Adams and Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez. These two mayors promised to convert some salaries into Bitcoins and also they are doing the same.

The most Bitcoin-friendly US Senator is Cynthia Lummis from Wyoming. She is working on a Crypto bill to bring better clarity for the crypto companies under the crypto regulatory framework. Once in the past, she suggested people to have Bitcoin in retirement funds. 

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